What do you do all day?

What do you do all day?

Well, what do we do?  These are some of the things that some of us did on Wednesday …

Lynn (one of our Library Assistants) began the day by receipting some music scores, intended for our Music Library (which attracts a lot of specialist users), and spent the afternoon doing the same for a batch of new DVDs (a mixture of feature films and children’s titles), which are always popular with the customers in our lending libraries and help to generate some much-needed income.

Another Library Assistant (Gema) receipted and recorded the arrival of some urgent titles that we obtain on standing order for our Business Library (speed is of the essence here) and dealt with incoming requests from other libraries to borrow books on Inter Library Loan, checking whether they are available and, if so, arranging for them to be supplied by our libraries.

Vendula (one of our Bibliographical Support Assistants) placed some requests for Inter Library Loans on behalf of our readers, and checked on the progress of some requests that are still outstanding.  She also worked on cataloguing a varied mixture of new non-fiction for our lending libraries and found time to fit in a one to one meeting with the head of our section.

HD (our other Bibliographical Support Assistant) did some work on maintaining and updating our catalogue, checking what new items are available and preparing the What’s New? page for its next update, and checking that no links have been broken.  The afternoon was mainly spent cataloguing DVDs (completing the process that Lynn had begun).

One of our Assistant Librarians (Ann) spent some time on Authority Control, checking the headings for people and corporate bodies in our database to make sure that they are consistent and then worked on updating our catalogue to display the location for items which have been transferred to the new Mediatheque area of the London Metropolitan Archives (which houses prints and maps).

Meanwhile, Nick (another AL) continued work on our project to reclassify our collections to the latest edition of the Dewey Decimal System, so as to make the classification more consistent and useful to our readers.  At present he is reclassifying our books about military history.

Our third Assistant Librarian (Chris) spent the morning cataloguing a bundle of letters, cards, articles and photographs relating to the cookery writer Elizabeth David, which has been donated to our Guildhall Library by one of her friends.

Heather (the Bibliographical Access Manager), met with the Sales Manager from one of our suppliers to discuss, amongst other things, the move of our e-audio service to a new platform, dealt with e-mails, monitored our service level agreement, produced a list of headings for checking in authority control and made preparations for extending our use of EDI.

This is the time of year when one appraisal cycle ends and another begins, and in the afternoon Chris and Heather met to carry out his annual appraisal, discussing what had gone well over the year and what less well, and agreeing objectives and learning and development needs for the coming year.

We are also approaching the end of the financial year, and Janet (our Principal Library Assistant) has been making sure that everything that needs to be paid for out of this year’s budget will be processed before the 31st of March, preparing invoices for payment processing, and finding which invoices are still outstanding that need to be completed.

The end of this financial year has also meant that we have a large consignment of children’s books that all need to be receipted by the end of March.

Although Adam (another Library Assistant) took a little time out to order some urgent books that our readers had requested, he spent the rest of the day receipting these children’s books.  Well, there are an awful lot of them …

If you were to ask us the same question next week, of course, the answer would be quite different …