Cataloguing spotlight : food and wine at Guildhall Library

Cataloguing Spotlight : Food and Wine at Guildhall Library

The first of a series in which we highlight some items of interest that we have recently catalogued for our various libraries.  (Clicking on the links should take you directly to the catalogue records.)

Contributed by: Ann.  

Guildhall Library has a number of internationally renowned collections on food and wine and related subjects such as the history of cookery, brewing, agriculture, household management, food and drinking customs. In the past months we have added over approx. 300 previously un-catalogued items for various Guildhall collections. A number of 17th and 18th century works such Charles Estienne’s 1606 edition of ‘Maison rustique, or, The countrey farme‘, Sir Edward Barry’s 1775 work ‘Observations, Historical, Critical and Medical on the Wines of the Ancients‘ and more recent works such as Frank Shay’s ‘My Pious friends and drunken companions : songs and ballads of conviviality‘ (1927) have been added to the well-known Wine Trade Club (WTC) collection.

As well as adding to firmly established collections, our recent cataloguing work has included to adding items for relatively new collections. For example, we have just finished cataloguing donations from the food writer Rosemary Stark for the emerging Guild of Food Writers (GFW) collection. This collection includes topics as varied as Estonian cuisine to Joan Storey’s revised edition of “Manners and rules of good society by a member of the aristocracy“. Other new collections we have recently catalogued include two new wine collections: the Hallgarten collection, a collection of principally German language material on German wines and viticulture and the Findlater collection.